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At Park Dental Clinic, we will take excellent care of you because you are our number one priority! We believe that you can have great dentistry and an enjoyable experience.

  • Privacy? Check!
  • Comfortable chair? Check!
  • Tired of looking at the wall during the downtime? Check!

These are our efforts to go above and beyond to make you happy and at ease while you are receiving world-class dental care!

Gentle Dental Care for Your Whole Family

We offer basic preventive services including oral cancer screenings, dental exams, and professional dental cleanings to promote your family's oral heath and wellness. If a problem develops, we will diagnose the condition and discuss what's best to resolve it. Your wellness is always our first priority. You can count on our team to pay close attention to your comfort and provide support in any way we can.

We treat each patient like we would treat our own friends and family.

Healthy Gums Are the Foundation for Your Teeth

Have you ever noticed your gums bleed during brushing or flossing? It is an indication of unhealthy gums with ongoing inflammation.

Recent studies indicates there is co-relationship between gum disease, heart disease, and other systemic conditions.

It is known that most adults have some form of gum disease ranging from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis.

Every exam includes a periodontal (gum) evaluation. Our dentist will recommend an appropriate type of gum treatment tailored to your needs. Whether you are diligent about home dental care and regular exams or if you have some catching up to do, we can help! We will never make you feel bad or guilty about the condition of your teeth and gums. We will remain focused on a solution that restores your health and comfort.

Good periodontal health contributes to good overall health!

Comprehensive Dental Care

No matter how much care you provide for your or your family's oral health, things can sometimes go wrong. You may grind your teeth at night and end up having jaw soreness or a headache in the morning, you may chip your tooth while chewing on a pecan or other hard foods, or you simply have a cavity in between your teeth. We will diagnose your current condition accurately and provide necessary dental treatment all in a comfortable environment.

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Our entire team looks forward to meeting you and your family and providing with the exceptional patient care and outstanding dentistry that you and your family deserve.


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