Laughing Gas

Each chair at our office is equipped for nitrous oxide, "laughing gas", to our nervous patients.

We do not want you to compromise your oral health because of fear or anxiety. Laughing gas eases your fear so you can relax during the treatment time.

Laughing gas is very safe! Unlike other sedation method, you don't need your friend or family to drive for you. By the end of your treatment appointment, we will administer 100% oxygen for few minutes, when you leave our office, all laughing gas already exit out of your body and resume your daily activity!


Oral Sedation

In case, laughing gas is slightly short to overcome your dental fear, Oral sedation is also available to help reduce fear and anxiety. Medicine will be used during procedures to help you feel relaxed and calm. You will be awake and able to follow directions without anxiety or pain. Your health will be safely monitored during entire length of your procedures. If you choose oral sedation, you will need a friend/family to drive for you. 

These options will allow you to overcome your fear or anxiety to receive the dental care you need.


Call Today for Your Laughing Experience!

Tell your dentist, Dr. Park if you want some laughing! We'd like to make you comfortable at Park Dental Clinic during your visit. Call Us for your anxiety free dental experience. We are proud to serve in Lewisville, Coppell, Flower Mound, Carrollton!


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