Partial & Complete Dentures

Having a missing tooth? How about missing multiple teeth?

Not only is it a little embarrassing if it happens to be a front tooth, but more importantly your chewing efficiency may not have been the same anymore.

Nothing is better than your own teeth! We would like to help you keep your teeth healthy. If you happen to have missing teeth but don't replace them on time, it gets only tougher to replace them later even if you are ready to do so.

There are several options available to restore your smile!

Ask your dentist, Dr. Park what's available for you!


Complete/Partial Removable Dentures

There are two types of dentures. If you need to replace few missing teeth and remaining ones are healthy enough, partial denture is for you. If you need to replace all teeth, then complete denture is for you. Partial denture is more retentive and stable since it relies on your existing teeth. If you have missing teeth but remaining teeth are sound, Dr. Park recommends a partial denture over complete denture since complete denture on lower arch is not typically so stable due to the presence of your tongue. If there are no sound teeth remaining, implant supported complete denture is recommendable.

All dentures are removable. You have to take them out at night before bed and store them outside your mouth.

Also all dentures are custom made outside our office so it will maximize retention and match the color of your remaining teeth or make it color however you like.


NEW Standard of Care for Complete Denture

We believe implant along with locator abutment to anchor your complete denture STANDARD OF CARE in modern dentistry.

Implant-supported overdentures offer many practical advantages over conventional complete dentures. These include decreased bone resorption, reduced/eliminated denture movement, better esthetics, better occlusion, increased occlusal function and maintenance of the occlusal vertical dimension. In addition, implant supported dentures improve phonetics, psychological outlook and quality of life.

Simply put, you can save yourself from embarrassing moment and improve self-esteem!


I never wear any denture before. Is it comfortable?

Most patients who receive new dentures for the first time report that eating and speaking are different and it takes time and practice to get used to them.

Typically, it takes less time to get used to partials whereas it takes more time with complete dentures.

We recommend to begin with soft foods and take time while eating. Practice makes perfect! You will have to get used to speak with your new denture.

Once you get used to your new denture, eating and speaking will feel more natural and you will be able to return to normal life.


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