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Replacing Your Missing Tooth Gotten So Much Easier!

October 28, 2017
Posted By: WooKwon Park DDS

Left side is how we planned using computer simulation BEFORE the surgery and right side is how it looked AFTER the surgery.

Just like how we planned.  Did I mention It took less than 30 minutes?

On a following day when we checked up on this patient, this patient reported there's no pain. How awesome!

One of my patient stated before, "I trust you and all but I'm not sure if I can let you drill into my bone." 

We understand the concern. In order to master the best outcome, we spent countless amount of time to take courses and practices.

Now, with computer simulation using your own bone and oral structure, any room for error will be very little.

It might be easier than getting a tooth pulled or maybe easier than any dental procedures.


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