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Gum Treatment

May 24, 2017
Posted By: WooKwon Park DDS

Many of us must have experienced bleeding while brushing our teeth. Or gum bleeding all  occasionally. Or sometimes more often than not even on slight tough.

That would be a sign that your gum is in trouble.

It takes more than just regular cleaning. It's time for gum treatment, Scaling and root planning aka "deep cleaning."

When you have active gum disease, not only does it bleed often, but also it causes foul odor. 

While you don't take any necessary treatment, it may not hurt at the time but bone that holds your teeth in place will be going down.

By the time you notice your teeth are somewhat loose, it may be a bit too late.

Take a look in your gum and teeth! If you see heavy plaque which is white color or calculus which is yellow or black, they don't belong in your mouth.

Also, if you experience gum bleeding, it won't go away unfortunately. 

It may be the start of something that's destructive to your gum and teeth but still it can be prevented.

Give us a call for your appointment and we will work together to make your gum better!



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