Dental Crowns

What is Dental Crown?

Crowns are natural-looking teeth shaped "cap" that are placed over your teeth entirely to restore their shape, size, strength and to improve appearance. There are several kinds of dental crowns. Stainless Crown is typically prescribed for baby teeth. For adult teeth, you have options such as gold crown, porcelain-fused metal crown, all ceramic crown. All ceramic crowns are the most esthetically acceptable, especially on your front teeth. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Park only practices All-ceramic crown or gold crown except for special occasions such as Implant-Supported Crowns.

When do I need one?                   

Dental crowns are needed when teeth have been compromised due to fracture, chip or large caries.

When you have big caries on a tooth needing a root canal treatment, the only way to save your tooth is to go through root canal first and crown later. 

if you have a large filling on a tooth, especially the silver one, it can be indicated for full coverage crown to protect the tooth from fracture. You will be able to see lots of small or large fracture lines around the tooth. It is just one bite away to break your teeth if your teeth have been compromised. This is why your teeth break while you are eating salad or chips. The photo here indicates a "fortunate" tooth fracture since there is still enough tooth structure left to save but it could have been much worse.

At times, there are occasions you want to replace your existing crowns as well. If you are a grinder at night and have a porcelain fused metal crown on your tooth, porcelain portion might have been chipped off from the crown. When the area happens to be located between teeth, it may cause food trap easily, which leads to gum disease or recurrent caries rapidly. You experience your crown fracture, call us immediately to figure out you need to replace it or not!

Also, some crowns are just ugly! Or your gum next to the crown is getting dark!

It may be due to the metal portion of the porcelain fused metal crown. It may be staining your gum or it may be just showing due to gum recession. Whatever the cause is, it may stop you from smiling! The best option is to replace the old crown with our cosmetic all-ceramic crown. If you are not happy with how your crowns look, schedule your appointment with us! Our Lewisville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Park will examine and recommend the best way to make you and your smile look awesome!

Nothing is better than your natural teeth! You have options to replace teeth if they are already missing. If your teeth are still in good shape, we'd like to help you keep your natural teeth! You may need more than just crown itself but well-made crowns can last! Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Park will do his best to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!

Call Us Today if you suspect there is a fractured tooth!

If a portion of your tooth chipped recently and it gets sensitive for long time, schedule your appointment with us. Ask your Lewisville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Park of his recommendation to your needs!


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