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In this day and age, we tend to jump ships frequently due to various reasons such as finance or job relocation.

For a healthcare facility, we spend long time to choose which one to go, looking up Google, friend's recommendation, etc.

However, money up front should not be the main reason. Don't get me wrong. money is the single most important factor when it comes down to the decision.

I'm emphasizing on not the money up front but the money and time this place can save you in a long run. 

I had a patient who used to go to other places and was never told of the possibility of losing a front tooth before. 

When I mentioned it, it came as a huge surprise. Why didn't they see it before? I don't have any answer for it. It was not there when they checked it or they just missed it.

Or this other patient had an existing silver filling but it was bulky causing decay on the adjacent tooth.  I'd shown the x-ray before and after I finished it.

Please go to an office where you can expect thorough and consistent care, not the cheapest one.

That's how you save your money wisely!


WooKwon Park DDS

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