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What is caries or cavities?

You may have been told you had caries in your teeth.

We won't be able to tell with our naked eyes, radiographs will tell us about that.

If you've been to our practice already, I don't always recommend to fix the caries right away but depending on how big it is, I will have to recommend to fix it right away.

After tooth color like fillings finished, you have to be able to use a dental floss and hear the click sound when it passes between the teeth.

Your bite should feel the same as before as well.

Well-done fillings can last for a while.

If you have gotten the fillings done but it feels like food getting trapped all the time, that is a big cause for concern.

Nothing is worse than having frequent food trap all the time.

If you have one, contact your dentist right away. Waiting or delaying will only make things worse.

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