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Things that separate Park Dental Clinic from the rest

"When I have some pain in my teeth, where should I turn to?Or if I want to have establish a dental office for routine cleaning and exam, where should I go?"These are very common questions you may be dealing with all the time.If you search "dentist near me or dentist in your city", it will provide hundreds of dentists to choose from.When you choose your dental home, the most important aspect is whether or not you are comfortable with them when they present your needs or when you have some questions, etc, NOT the price.Are they available to ...

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Don't Take A Missing Tooth For Granted!

When you are missing a big molar in the back, your chewing is not the same anymore.If the other side has all teeth, you compensate the missing tooth by using the other side more, like always to chew.It can deteriorate the good side faster!It takes few visits to get a new tooth in 3-4 months minus any pain or discomfort with our newest implant technology!Give us a call at 469-293-2530! A road to restore your missing tooth, smile starts there!WooKwon Park DDS

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Have You been to Park Dental Clinic?

Have you been to a dental office where they still use old fashion paper charts, x-ray film or etc?Have you been to Park Dental yet? Almost all equipment are state of the art facility.Old technology is not bad but just want to show our commitment to our patients to deliver what most advanced technology can offer.If you are happy with your current dentist, stay with them.However, if you are looking for one or not happy with current dentist, give a shout to Park Dental Clinic.You won't be disappointed! We will "WOW" you.WooKwon Park DDS469-293-2530

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Cracked Tooth

These photos were from the same tooth.Crack was suspected but complete through-and-through fracture was a big surprise!If you experienced sharp nerve pain on your tooth while eating or playing some sport, schedule your dental appointment right away!Sometimes, unsuspected pain becomes a big deal.Give us a call for your dental appointment at 469-293-2530.WooKwon Park DDS

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