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In this day and age, we tend to jump ships frequently due to various reasons such as finance or job relocation.

For a healthcare facility, we spend long time to choose which one to go, looking up Google, friend's recommendation, etc.

However, money up front should not be the main reason. Don't get me wrong. money is the single most important factor when it comes down to the decision.

I'm emphasizing on not the money up front but the money and time this place can save you in a long run. 

I had a patient who used ...

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Comparison for Tooth Fix


Do you have little sensitivity on a tooth in the back?

It doesn't hurt right now?

These simple diagram explains what you need to know!

The actual value may not be the most accurate but a tooth that could have been fixed with an amount of $250 can turn into $4,500 if you don't act on it in time.

Time is really Money.

If you have any question or have a tooth that needs to be checked, give us a call for your appointment.


WooKwon Park DDS



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Let There Be Teeth!

When you don't have any tooth, life gets miserable. You may look older but more importantly, you can't enjoy food you like anymore!

You don't have to give up on that!

Let us introduce implant supported prosthesis that allows you to have teeth all over again!


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

Start a new journey!


WooKwon Park DDS

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Dental Implant can't be more reliable and safer!

Those days are over with bloody, swelling dental implant surgery!

At Park Dental, we plan and make a surgical guide before your implant surgery, it will be easier and better!

All implant patients here testimonies the implant surgery were better and smoother than they expected.

If you have a missing tooth, you don't have to live with it because of fear anymore!

Call us to schedule your appointment at Park Dental Clinic!


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When to fix my caries?

Your dentist told you that you have caries in your mouth. 

He/She recommends to go ahead fix your teeth but it didn't hurt yet. What should you do?

When we diagnose a sign of caries in your teeth, there are multiple factors to consider such as oral hygiene risk, diet, caries location, etc.

Always ask how they look on the radiographs. If you see more than just a little bit on the radiographs, you know you have work cut out for you!

Your dentist will recommend a treatment plan based on those factors.

It can't hurt to take your dentist's recommendation. Find a dentist who you can trust!

If you are new to the town or ...

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What is caries or cavities?

You may have been told you had caries in your teeth.

We won't be able to tell with our naked eyes, radiographs will tell us about that.

If you've been to our practice already, I don't always recommend to fix the caries right away but depending on how big it is, I will have to recommend to fix it right away.

After tooth color like fillings finished, you have to be able to use a dental floss and hear the click sound when it passes between the teeth.

Your bite should feel the same as before as well.

Well-done fillings can last for a while.

If you have gotten the fillings done but it feels like ...

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Is It Too Sensitive to Drink Cold Water?

Too painful to drink cold water? Does it hurt when you brush?

It's not fun if you can't drink cold water under Texas heat!

Adding a layer of tooth-colored composite might eliminate that painful feeling whenever you drink cold water.

Simple easy solution may not be too far away!

Give us a call!

We will make it better


WooKwon Park DDS

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