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In this day and age, we tend to jump ships frequently due to various reasons such as finance or job relocation.

For a healthcare facility, we spend long time to choose which one to go, looking up Google, friend's recommendation, etc.

However, money up front should not be the main reason. Don't get me wrong. money is the single most important factor when it comes down to the decision.

I'm emphasizing on not the money up front but the money and time this place can save you in a long run. 

I had a patient who used ...

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Are you terrified?

Did you have bad memory with a dental office?

Are you nervous about having a dental treatment?


No more at Park Dental!

We provide sedation dentistry at very affordable price!

Very safe and reliable. 


Give us a call to schedule your dental appointment!

WooKwon Park DDS



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Things that separate Park Dental Clinic from the rest

"When I have some pain in my teeth, where should I turn to?

Or if I want to have establish a dental office for routine cleaning and exam, where should I go?"

These are very common questions you may be dealing with all the time.

If you search "dentist near me or dentist in your city", it will provide hundreds of dentists to choose from.

When you choose your dental home, the most important aspect is whether or not you are comfortable with them when they present your needs or when you have some questions, etc, NOT the price.

Are they available to ...

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Have You been to Park Dental Clinic?

Have you been to a dental office where they still use old fashion paper charts, x-ray film or etc?

Have you been to Park Dental yet? Almost all equipment are state of the art facility.

Old technology is not bad but just want to show our commitment to our patients to deliver what most advanced technology can offer.

If you are happy with your current dentist, stay with them.

However, if you are looking for one or not happy with current dentist, give a shout to Park Dental Clinic.

You won't be disappointed! We will "WOW" you.


WooKwon Park DDS


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What If They Don't Have Teeth

Can you see the difference? 

If you don't have time and resources to take care of your teeth, think again!

You look thousand times better with your teeth.

Take awesome care of your teeth and enjoy life better!

If you need some help, give us a call at 469-293-2530.

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Dental Care for Seniors

Happy Belated New Year!

We wish this new year brings nothing but happiness and joy for everyone!


We were invited to speak for seniors recently at the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce event.  

Since Medicare does not really cover dental care even if it's routine check-up and teeth cleaning, our seniors are left alone for oral health unfortunately.

We  have two tiers of in-house discount plan available for everybody. Better yet, our seniors are eligible for more discount at Park Dental Clinic!

If you need more information, please give us a call at 469-293-2530.

We will be more than happy to ...

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

New year is around the corner. That means you only have a little over a week left for 2016.

It's not too late for your dental check-up and cleaning for the year, 2016 benefit.

Pick up your phone now for your appointment! 


Thanks, Ms. Debra for letting us be your dental office and allowing us to attend your dental needs!!

Your cookies was delicious!


Happy Holidays~


WooKwon Park DDS


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